Saturday, September 9, 2017


We have a continuing education program in our new town and they held a fair showing many of their offerings for members and prospective members to browse through. It was at the Mall in front of Sears where there is a nice court to set up tables. Nice crowd, I thought:

Anyway, there are all kinds of activities and groups for any interest.

Such as a photographers group for my guy. And I found a travel group where people can participate in trips--local, out of state, and out of country. There was also a bridge group, a poker group, and a pinochle group. I didn't take a picture of them but two or three ladies were sitting at a table playing Scrabble so I'd guess there is a scrabble group. And I saw a mahjong table, too, for those interested in playing. The music school offers teachers in different instruments; I have a friend who started back on the piano after years of not playing.

And here's a photo of the hiking table. The sponsor had a pair of hiking boots and other hiking paraphernalia on display but I failed to get shots of them. She encouraged me to join but I reluctantly(?!) turned her down, pleading house renovations.

Then here's a photo featuring men in Highlander costume, promoting the Robert Burns group. Naturally, they focus on Burns. They even have a dinner every year featuring Scottish songs, food, and Scottish dress. This day, one of the sponsors had his bagpipes and serenaded us a few times.

I confess I'm interested in the group that meets to eat in different restaurants each month. And there is an opera group I wouldn't mind checking out. And a lady who puts out a magazine looking for local articles...

But not now. We're still trying to get ourselves settled. Nice to know that we'll have things to do whenever we have time though! I'm just glad we took time to attend th fair!


  1. It does sound like you'll have no shortage of opportunities to socialize.

  2. I love your new town !
    Wonderful groups to join.
    I keep losing your blog. Slippery little sucker.
    Also would your old home be in the path of Irma, I hope your new home is safe.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Yes, my new home is fine. Except for winds and heavy rain, we should be ok. Our old home was a barrier island off GA's coast and I'm trying to find out how how it's faring. The worst isn't there but I imagine the causeway will be underwater and since the high point on the island is 17 feet, there may be a lot of flooded houses and businesses.

  3. Cheryl, are you in Irma's path? Please keep us posted via Facebook....

    1. Not in her direct path, thank goodness. High winds and heavy rains are expected, with tornadoes (that goes without saying in this state!) likely. Irma will be a tropical storm when it hits us so it won't be as bad as it is/was in Florida.


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