Saturday, July 15, 2017


We've been so engrossed in getting our house ready, I almost forgot to blog. Luckily, we went by a farmers market this morning while picking up my guy's photograph from the art gallery in a neighboring town. We parked and got out, but a sign was the first thing we saw:

Amid the booths, a couple were playing guitars and singing as buyers browsed. You might can make them out in the middle of this picture, where they had a little stage beyond the blue tent:

Then these baskets of homegrown, ripe tomatoes caught my eye. The smell wafted up to me and I was a goner I got in line to buy some.

And back home for lunch. Guess what we had? That's right! Good old mater sandwiches!

Yum! How I love summer tomatoes!


  1. Our main market here is on Sundays. I always like to go check it out.

  2. The more you write about where you live the more I am falling in love with your new town.
    The tomatoes look wonderful. Not sure what a "mater" sandwich is but I want one. Now !
    I can't really have a garden (everything has to be in pots in a small side yard) because of the critters but I always plant one tomato. Nothing like a fresh tomato.

    cheers, parsnip, thehamish and george

    1. We are liking it, too!

      And a 'mater' is Southern for tomato! I love fresh homegrown tomatoes! If I had a green thumb, I'd grow them, too!

  3. We have a farmer's market just south of the downtown area. It's been there as long as I can remember. We love it!


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