Saturday, February 11, 2017


Some of our local crimes this week as written up in the local paper:

A lot of shoplifting, DUIs and people calling the police for help. Several callers, police discovered, had outstanding warrants and took them in. One exasperated caller told police she would cut somebody if they didn't come quick and arrest the person she was arguing with. That person happened to be the one with an outstanding warrant so it worked out for everyone.

Don't you just love happy endings?

At some point, a call came in about a wild boar loose in the city terrorizing people. Police did indeed find a hog wandering the streets. After playing some keep-away, officers managed to corral it and take it away.

I can see the movie headline: HOGWILD IN THE CITY. And I bet someone got some sausage out of that deal!

The most interesting item concerned a prisoner being taken to the courthouse for an appearance on shoplifting charges. Though handcuffed to another prisoner, the "extremely flexible inmate" managed to slip out of his cuff, fling off his jail-issued flip-flops, and take off running barefoot. He was last seen in his jail-issue blue top and pants. That was last week and as of today (Wednesday), still hasn't been caught. The other prisoner wisely did not run off.

At least the other guy won't have escape charges added to whatever he was being tried for! As for the escapee, they're looking for him on our island. Though why he would come to an island when he has the whole state to hide in is beyond me!

SATURDAY UPDATE: The "double-jointed" prisoner was caught yesterday in his hometown. Someone turned him in for the thousand dollar reward. Can't even trust your family nowadays!

Ah, the small-town life is so exciting!


  1. There has to be more to a guy who's being held on shoplifting charges!

  2. Money is money.
    This is more island news than some days.

    cheers, parsnip


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