Saturday, August 6, 2016


Well, we got to the eye doctor in Atlanta last week, and he took out stitches. Two. That's right. Two out of...sixteen? He says the others will come out 'when they're ready'! Kind of a downer since I'd hoped to get more out but that's okay. I can see and that's the important thing.

With all the travel taking up time, I thought I'd show a few more pix from Juliette, Georgia, where they filmed Fried Green Tomatoes. Again, these are photos I made with my own little phone so don't blame them on my guy who is really a great photographer!

This is the police station (closed), I guess for unruly crowds of which there were none on a lovely Thursday.

And there was an old country smokehouse. No one was around to ask whether it was still in use.

The old railroad terminal is now a gift shop and was also closed. I suspect they don't have too many tourists during the week.

Here is an old mill or factory that was quite picturesque.

And here are some sheep, grazing in their pasture across the railroad track.

A lovely little town!


  1. That's the smallest police station I've ever seen!

  2. It does seem quite pleasant. I imagine the local police service is probably on call more than regular hours.

    1. I'm sure this station is only manned when the town has a lot of tourists.


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