Saturday, September 19, 2015


Our local newspaper's crime column appears occasionally, sharing items from different police reports. The latest one features the usual: an arrest for an outstanding warrant, a robbery, a K9 unit sniffing out a suspect, etc.

As sometimes happens, there were a couple of interesting ones. An SUV hit a utility pole, and its driver got out and ran off. Strangely, he came back later. And got cited for breaking several laws. Bet he wouldn't have come back if he'd known the cops were still around!

Then a man used a BB gun to take another man's iPhone 4S. He tossed the gun as he got away. A BB gun? A 4S iPhone? Surely he could have waited for a later model to come along!

Then police responded to a call from a store about a man trying to fight another customer. The aggravator ignored attempts to calm him down. So police used a stun gun on him. That'll teach him not to lose his temper!

And we had a person performing a lewd act while watching a sporting event at a park. Several people saw him so he was arrested. Wonder what he was...No. No, I don't even want to imagine!

Love our local newspaper! It's fascinating to see what people get up to!


  1. When I lived in Laguna Beach, the police blotter was always filled interesting stupid stuff.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. I also want to Thank You for your kind words on Watson's post.

      cheers, gayle

    2. I bet you enjoyed Laguna Beach's news!

  2. One wouldn't want to collect the evidence of the lewd act!


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