Saturday, July 4, 2015


Both the places we've lived in the most recent years, have gone all out for the Fourth.

Here, they hold the Sunshine Festival around the holiday, with activities including bands and food and a run. And of course fireworks at dark. They close off the pier and shoot them over the water. People sit on the sidewalks and lawns and under the roof at the Casino to watch them explode. Last year, they had patriotic music playing as the fireworks exploded, and it was wonderful!

Up in our north Georgia town, there is an annual steam engine parade in the morning, All kinds of steam engines, including tractors and calliopes, participate. They give out free earplugs because they're noisy! People line the streets to watch. Then they have a festival in the park afterward. Finally, they set their fireworks off at dark. It's always great fun!

Wishing everyone can safely enjoy fireworks on the Fourth of July and hoping everyone drives carefully!


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