Thursday, February 26, 2015


Winter's still here. All my FaceBook friends up north are posting their snow pictures. In northern Alabama, they had ten inches. In north GA, they had a few inches, too. North Carolina and Tennessee are pretty used to it.

Down here, we had some cool weather. It got down below freezing a night or two. But the signs of spring will not be denied!

On our walk today, this white camellia was blooming defiantly.

Here you can see its companion, the red camellia. They seem to be vying for most optimistic flower!

And I'm totally ready for spring! Glad the sleet and snow and ice didn't get down here!


  1. Very pretty!

    The weather down south made the morning news here!

  2. I wish we were seeing signs of spring!

  3. Wonderful !
    It seem the snow is everywhere but where it is suppose to be. In my mountains ! Winter here use to mean several days of snow in the mountains that surround the valley and rain in Tucson. We had a almost no winter and now everything is blooming. My pomegranate tree is going crazy !
    I don't know what is wrong but I don't get your blog and Norma's. Daughter is coming to help on Tuesday.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Sounds like you've had a good winter!

      I don't get blogs I follow either. I have to go to them to see what people are doing. Bummer.


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