Thursday, February 12, 2015


It's been a hard few weeks without our sweet boy cat. My girl cat is gradually getting accustomed to being on her own but she's hanging out a lot with us. And still occasionally yowling like someone's stepped on her. I think she remembers him and wonders where he is and wants him back.

But we're all getting better. The local paper is helping take our minds off our boy. Especially when the front page headline features Ben Affleck.

Yep, that Ben Affleck. Seems he was in town scouting locations for a new movie. The people he ran into who recognized him were deliriously ecstatic. He was even kind enough to allow them to take pictures with him. We, of course, weren't among the favored ones. We never hear about anything when it's happening. That's okay. We're used to being behind times and styles and whatever's going on.

Anyway, the movie is supposed to take place in Boston during the Roaring Twenties. Wow! Our town will be perfect! We have all these criminals running around like that period did!

Well, maybe slapping your boyfriend's ex or beating on your momma's door or shoplifting a steak by putting it in your pants isn't quite reminiscent of Boston back then. But I'm sure we can come up with something! After all, we're imaginative and innovative!

Pick us, Ben Affleck! Please pick us!!!

Hmmm. Does Boston have any palm trees?


  1. Does one really want to eat a steak that's been down one's pants?

    1. I wouldn't. But then, I'm not that hungry!


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