Monday, November 17, 2014


I had a friend visiting last week and Saturday, we went up to Fort King George for their annual encampment, a living history event. The participants camped Friday and Saturday nights, and the public was invited to join them during the day. They had handmade leather goods, musketfire demonstrations, a Creek Indian encampment, a hammered dulcimer playing, a lecture on spices the colonials used, and other activities.

Here are some of the pix.

This lady has the pots and pans they cooked with back then:

Prior to the cannon firing:

A Creek Indian looking at some of his equipment:

Part of the encampment. The day was cold, too! I would have hated to be spending the night in a tent with this kind of weather! The soldiers are Spanish reenactors from St. Augustine.

A colonial man with two little colonial misses:

Another colonial:


  1. Reminds me of the Civil War reenactment scenes from Sweet Home Alabama!


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