Sunday, May 25, 2014


The other night I decided to cook veggies for supper. My guy usually grills something and we fix corn on the cob or a baked potato or something to go with it. Something easy because I've never been a great cook.

But veggies sounded good and I hadn't actually cooked an entire supper myself in... Hmmm. I can't remember. Several years, maybe?

First I put the squash and onions into my hot olive oil and splattered my left hand. Annoying, but not bad. I stuck it in some water and it was fine.

Then I noticed the garlic potatoes in the microwave (Irish potatoes sliced thin, layered with garlic and dotted with butter, then covered in milk) were running over the top. Since the microwave was dirty by now, I cooked them till they were tender, then took the casserole dish out. At the sink, I wiped up the top of the casserole dish, then picked it up to wipe underneath.

That's when the rest of the hot milk poured out over my left hand, mostly the big, fourth, and little fingers. This time I felt it. And kept feeling it even when I put my hand in water.

My guy heard me yell and came rushing in. We soon had a pot of water with soda in it and I soaked my hand. It still hurt. He rumbled around and found some Solarcaine gel for sunburn and other minor burns that someone had left at the house. I slathered it on and in a few minutes, got some relief. I was still holding those fingers gingerly when I went to bed though.

Guess who's doing the cooking for the next few years?


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