Saturday, May 10, 2014


We must now contend with a squirrel at our bird feeder. He looks young, and eats up all the seed.

Yes, he's cute. But we had these critters up in north Georgia and they made a mess of our house. They nibbled holes in the sides and tore a vent (with wooden slats across it) to pieces. They'd get in the attic and party. My guy had to put up steel wire to keep them out.

He doesn't intend that to happen here so he got cayenne pepper, which is supposed to deter squirrels but not hurt birds. He mixed it with the seed and poured some on the feeder ledge.

Seems as long as the pepper's on the ledge, the pesky rascal will stay off. But in a couple of days, he's back to his old tricks.

This morning when I glanced at the feeder, the squirrel wasn't on it. He was at our sliding patio doors, bumping into the glass trying to get inside. Then he started picking at the screen, doubtless hoping that would get him somewhere.

I ran over and fussed at him.

He stared at me, unmoving.

I made as if to open the door.

He stared at me, unmoving.

I unlatched the door just as I remembered the rabid fox who bit a man in town a couple of days ago. Was this squirrel rabid? Would he pounce on me?

He stared at me, unmoving.

My hand (which didn't keep up with my brain screaming "Don't do it! Don't do it! He'll bite you! You'll have to have shots!) was already sliding the door back.

The little critter started ambling off.

Whew! Not rabid.

I yelled and went after him. He thudded into the fence trying to get out.

He moves a lot faster than my cats.


  1. He sounds like the squirrels who've taken up residence at our house!

    1. They're cute little things, but don't let them get a toehold! They'll be living in your house!

  2. My blog's dog would love to get his paws on that squirrel!

    1. I'd love to have one of your dogs here to do it. My cats have been indoors all their lives. They don't have a clue as to how to capture a squirrel!


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