Monday, May 5, 2014


I heard the cats thumping around about five or so this morning. You cat owners know what I mean. Sounds like they're dribbling basketballs. I heard my guy get up and stop them, but I went back to sleep.

A little after seven, they were at it again. Then the girl cat comes thundering through the house -- No pitter-patter of little feet for her! She sounds like a stampeding elephant! -- into our bedroom where she lets out a bloodcurdling "Yeow-ow-ow-ow."

That wakes me up. My guy turns over, too.

"What are they playing with?" I ask. "Is it that tennis ball we keep for the dog when she visits?"

"No. It's a bird."


"You know. The bird that keeps flying into the sliding door. I opened the door earlier and scared it off."

Evidently, it was back and the girl cat wasn't having any luck in shooing it away. She was yowling because she wanted my guy to get back out there and take care of the situation.

I think this is the bird. Looks pretty meek, but she must have suicidal tendencies.


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