Thursday, October 10, 2013


We've been under the weather a few days. Ventured out today but didn't walk down to the Village. Instead, we drove down, sat in the sun, and walked around the lighthouse before driving back.

When we got there, the new tour trolley was sitting waiting for customers.

For years, there was only one tour on the island. It's been around for years. In fact, there's a quote on its side from Eugenia Price: "I highly recommend the ... Trolley tour." And she's been dead forever!

Well, a year or so ago, it got some competition. Now there's one you can call and reserve, that a lot of wedding parties use. And just recently, we got another one. The Colonial Island Trolley tour. This one bills itself as the only air conditioned, wheel-chair accessible trolley tour on the island.

The thing is, this latest one comes into the Village right before the old trolley. We got there after ten, when the new one is supposed to leave. It was still waiting. Here is is:

Then, we saw the new trolley come wheeling in. Look at the end of the cars on the right and you can see it:

It's supposed to come at ten thirty and leave at eleven. Anyway, it parked in its place and waited for customers:

But the new trolley had scooped up a bunch of people and was off. I bet the old trolley owners are steaming at having business stolen out from under them. Today it wasn't too bad. There were several people who waited especially to go on the old trolley. But I bet some days, people get on the new trolley thinking it's the only one.

Ah, the woes of small business owners.


  1. Business rivalry...

    This shall lead to the Trolley Wars of 2015.

  2. You have to wonder why the owner of a second trolley would think neutralizing the business of one trolley to two of them would make either business healthy. This is the dark side of free enterprise.

    1. I'm sure the new guy always hopes to outdo the competition!

  3. We're supposed to get a trolley here. I hope it happens soon!

  4. They are certainly picturesque! And the tourists seem to love them.


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