Wednesday, October 16, 2013


My back yard is currently quite beautiful. No thanks to me and my guy. The people who lived here before us must have had green thumbs.

Anyway, we don't know what the flowers are. People come over and exclaim, "How lovely! What are those?"

I can say, "Jasmine or day lilies or azaleas or amaryllis or hydrangeas," because those are the only plants in our yard I know. For these two, I have to shrug. I thought maybe someone out there might recognize them so I'm posting pix here and on Facebook.

These are tall purple flowers that I see in different yards and places around the Village. They look kind of like morning glories but they aren't vines and their leaves are skinny:

This is a spreading bush, about five feet tall, with lavender flowers:

And here are some of the lavender flowers up close, tiny little flowers in clusters:

It'd be nice to know what they are.


  1. In all matters gardening, I am a moron. You'll have to wait for someone else!

    1. Me, too. Maybe there's someone out there who knows!


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