Friday, October 18, 2013


A few weeks back, I blogged about a wedding at the old courthouse. The bridal couple were beautiful and so was the setting beneath all the great oaks.

A few days ago, part of a tree on the grounds fell and they had to take down the rest. And it seems another one is coming down, too. This will make six in the past six years that have been lost in this vicinity. If the county doesn't start taking care of them, they'll lose the one thing that distinguishes them from thousands of other courthouses throughout the country.

Here are some pix I took earlier this week. First one is the stump. See my shadow as I hold up my camera to take the shot?

Here's a better view of the stump. It's about five-six feet wide.

Here's the stump from a few yards away. The courthouse is to the left, in the background.

Here's a longer view of the empty place on the lawn. It's in the middle, behind the tiny tree.

 And this is the tree that's doomed. They say it can't be saved so down it will come. Sigh.

I think I must have been a druid in a previous life, so upsetting to me is this sad affair.


  1. That would have been a massive tree, just from the size of the trunk.

    We had one in our area along the Rideau River that came down some years ago- it had been dead for several years. They figured it was over two hundred years old.

  2. I hate to see beautiful trees lost and destroyed....

    1. So do I. Especially when a knowledgeable arborist could have saved it.

  3. Sad to say, I think some trees outlive themselves, like people. When a hundred-year-old oak has to come down it feels like a death of sorts. It takes away my security when it's gone after being there all my life.

    1. Yep. Most of these trees are over two centuries old but aren't looked after as they should be. Unfortunately.


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