Saturday, September 28, 2013


A friend stayed with us for a few days. She wanted to go to Savannah, so we drove up even though it was a drizzly, depressing kind of day.

I don't think she cared though. We went to the river front, ate lunch, raided the Peanut Shop's samples, and generally enjoyed ourselves.

Here's the street scene:

And here's the Savannah Queen paddleboat:

This last was taken at Old Fort Jackson. This is the admission center and you can see the fort itself in the background:

All in all, a fun day even if we did get rained on!


  1. I've never been there--but it looks like a place I'd like to visit!

  2. Still a pleasant place to go to on a rainy day!

    I'd love to see the city.

    1. We made it just fine. Ducked into a peanut shop during one heavier spell. Sampled all the peanuts and bought a can of buttered toffee peanuts. Yum.

      Come down if you ever get the chance!


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