Saturday, September 14, 2013


I blogged a few days ago about the wedding that took place under the great oaks at the historic county courthouse. I even put in a picture of the gorgeous bride and handsome groom. I didn't put in a picture of myself, you are probably happy to know.

I will tell you I wore my "vintage" dress, though.

I keep most of my clothes until they become ragged so I have quite a few old dresses. One Thanksgiving when we were alone, I wore this particular one out to a nice restaurant. This well-dressed couple finished before us and as they walked by our table, the gentleman stopped. "I have to tell you I just love your dress. Is it a vintage?"

I started to deny it hotly, then realized: 1) It wasn't new. 2) He wasn't being facetious. 3) "Vintage" sounded a whole lot better than "Uh, no, I've just had it for years."

So I smiled graciously and said, "Yes. Yes, it is."

After his wife chirped her admiration, too, and they left, I started eating again. "Imagine that," I told my guy. "Vintage. Why, that means it had to be made in the..."

I counted back to when I'd got it and realized the awful truth. It was indeed vintage.

I feel so old. But at least when I wear it for special occasions, I know at least one couple thinks it's stylish.


  1. I love vintage clothing!

    (And I also keep stuff--not just clothing--until it's threadbare and falling apart. When the towels are too transparent to be useful after a shower, I cut them up and use them for cleaning until they're in tatters.)

    1. Me, too. And my guy is worse than me. He wore his favorite Hawaiian shirt the other day and I saw a hole near the buttons, a frayed collar, and threads coming from the hem.


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