Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Went to a class reunion in north Georgia. We'd stayed at a chain motel the last time we went, but it wasn't the best experience. The only other lodging in the area was Serenity in the Mountains, a small spa/resort -- like thirteen rooms -- but the price was the same. I figured we'd try it and at least we'd know which one to stay at the next time. I had no idea it was featured in an issue of "Everyday with Rachel Ray" some years back. Was I surprised!

Didn't look like much on the outside because it's right in town, crammed in behind a gas station. No view, no swimming pool, no exercise room, no complimentary breakfast. Just the rooms on the lower level and the spa on the upper. A one-way driveway on one side to register, and another drive on the other side to park.

But the rooms weren't rooms. They were suites. Condos, actually. We walked in and gaped. To our left was the kitchen (photo was taken standing in the living area):  

The dining area was on the right and the living area was straight ahead. Note the fireplace and you can see the edge of the large screen TV. A rocking chair is also just out of sight. The door leads to the bedroom:

The bedroom boasted a hanging TV not in the photo but easy to view lying in the king-sized bed. Guess you can see we'd already had a nap! But hey, it took us seven hours to get up there. We were pretty beat. And also not seen in the photo is the door to the right leading back into the bathroom.

Did I say bathroom? A Jacuzzi tub and an open shower with a tiled seat. I'd trade the cats off just to have that shower in my house! You can see the shower head on the left if you look hard. The towels (used; yes, I waited till we'd settled in to think of taking pix) are hanging off the glass half-door and surrounding wall.

Of course there were the obligatory bear pictures (even one over the toilet paper roll) and other trappings of a mountain cabin. There were also robes in the closet for our free visits to the steam room/sauna. The other spa features had to be paid for, but alas, we had no chance to enjoy any of them. We got in, rested a half hour, showered, went off to the dinner, came back, crashed, got up and left early the next morning for a family reunion further down the road

Nice we could do both reunions in one trip, though. We'd have had to skip one otherwise.

But our stay at Serenity in the Mountains was great. Bet we go back. I can't wait. Maybe we can get there a day early to fully enjoy the services!


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