Wednesday, June 26, 2013


We've had company for a few days but are getting back on our schedule. Today, instead of walking down to the village, we went over to the beach. Few people were out, and they mostly had dogs with them. This time of year dogs aren't allowed on the beach between 9 and 6 so owners have to walk their pets early or late.

It was great, seeing the sandy expanse with so few people on it! This is the view south:

And this is the northeastern view. The sun trying to shine down didn't help my photography, but the middle is sand, not ocean. You can see the waves from the lower right corner, going up toward the left. And barely a soul in sight! Lovely day! Lovely time to walk!


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    1. It looks kind of moody, doesn't it?

  2. I love beach photos. I did one, years ago, at midday with a high-speed film. The sand looked pink in the photo!

    1. I'm no photographer! I do good to click and get the shot I want. Thank goodness for cell phone cameras!


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