Thursday, June 6, 2013


Went two or three weeks ago and got my hair cut. I'd wanted to let it grow out, but with summer's arrival, I changed my mind. So it got gone. Short all over but not in any style I recognized. A strand on one side curled up. A strand on the other side waved back to the mirror. My cowlick in the back stood straight up. Pretty discouraging.

So yesterday, I thought: Time for a change.

My beauty salon was crowded so I went up to the barber shop; they advertise family cuts so why not? Went in and asked, "Can I get a haircut?"

The lady said, "Sure. Step right back here."

Now I really look like Mark Harmon.

Do we ever get the haircut we want?


  1. The eleventh commandment: thou must show a picture!

  2. Showing a picture doesn't always work. I always end up with the hair in the back being longer than I want it, even with an otherwise good cut. I finally resorted to cutting the back myself. Even though I can't see it, I get it closer to what I want.

  3. LOL...cardinal rule: stick with the stylist that knows your hair--all those quirky little things like cowlicks, hair that grows at different angles than the rest...! I've had the same lady cutting my hair for sooo long that I walk in and give her general instructions (whether I choose short or long or something in between) and love what she does each time!

  4. William, My hair doesn't conform to a picture's cut. It goes its own way.

    Norma, You're mighty brave to cut the back yourself!

    Debra, If I could find a stylist willing to learn my hair, I'd for sure stick with her! So far the only ones I've found seem to quit and leave town. Surely not my influence????


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