Thursday, May 9, 2013


Tonight will be our fourth night in our new home. We are slowly but surely getting sorted out. Unfortunately, one of the lost items was my guy's coffee. I was sure I had packed it for the big day Monday when the movers came, but no.

Tuesday. No coffee. I kept saying, "I know it's here somewhere." Nope.

Wednesday. No coffee. I (and my slowly growing frantic guy) opened every box we had left unpacked. I was optimistic. "It'll turn up." It didn't.

Thursday. No coffee. BUT...Back at the ranch, picking up some more small items, I happened to look in the pantry that I was sure I'd emptied out. And there it was. Coffee can, measuring spoon, filters...Everything he needs. So tomorrow, no more McDonald's!


  1. But it's coffee! You don't need that, right?


  2. William, you'd be surprised what doing without will drive a coffee junkie to!


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