Saturday, February 23, 2013


Setting off again for north Georgia. We plan to visit relatives, go to the shooting range, and see our tax guy.

Yes, the dreaded income tax deadline is getting nearer. We heard the IRS didn't have its computers tuned up for the latest tax changes at the first of the year, so we've put it off. I hope they're ready for us now.

I took a course in figuring income taxes once and vowed never again. It seems to me, if we have to give up part of our income to it, the government could make the whole thing easier. Like just taking our blood to sell or something.

But then I guess the CPA's and tax firms like H&R Block and Hewlett Jackson would be out of business. Not to mention all the government employees.

Oh, wait! Then we'd have to pay to support them!

Never mind.

And here are the babies, crushed that we're leaving them. They actually woke up from their nap long enough for me to record their devastation.

Not. They're looking forward to seeing the catsitter. She thinks they're perfect.


  1. The cat sitter no doubt spoils them in all sorts of ways you never thought of!

    1. I'm sure she does. As you can see from the picture where I told them we were leaving soon, the cats go, "Whatever." They don't miss us at all.


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