Saturday, February 2, 2013


The winner of January's earring giveaway is... da da da dum... Norma Beishir! Norma, if you'll email me at and give me your mailing address, I will get these out to you. Hopefully.

And before anyone asks, since Norma and I are in an online group together, I did not rig the drawing! If I had, I would definitely have chosen someone not in Canada because my December winner happened to be in Canada, too, and I had a terrible time getting the earrings mailed to her. Took the better part of January for her to receive them.

In case anyone wonders how I choose, I count the number of entries and have my guy pick a number from the first to the last. Then I count and presto! We have a winner.

And now for February's earring giveaway:

These blue glass earrings hanging from cloisonne beads would be perfect for the formal dinners Lindy endured in THE WARWICKS OF SLUMBER MOUNTAIN.

And here's the store link:


  1. Norma mentioned that, Cheryl.

    Speaking as a Canadian, I can say that letter carriers here often seem to be wandering around as if perpetually confused. I don't know if it's the same way south of the border, but it's no surprise it would end up getting difficult!

    1. It's the paperwork. Guess they want a clear trail if we send illegal stuff over the border!

      And we're about to lose our Saturday deliveries here, if that's any indication of the shape our PO is in!


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