Sunday, October 21, 2012


Yesterday, the Turtle Center on Jekyll Island held their Turtle-Ween. We rode over to check it out.

The activities were mostly geared to kids. Face painting, making a Halloween bag, pumpkin, and turtle; fishing for treats (pulling up cans, newspapers, and plastic at first so the kid could sort; making a turtle cookie (green icing, gummies for barnacles, sprinkles for algae, that type of thing); a magician; and of course, a hayride. Oops, that's a Turtle Ride!

There were also critters to pet: things like a baby alligator, a tortoise and lots of snakes! Ugh! The kids loved the awful things, though. Here's a photo of the tortoise making its bid for freedom!

And when things palled, we went back inside and visited the patients in the turtle hospital!

Perfect weather, not too hot and not too cold. All in all, a great day!


  1. Kids would be going out of their minds attending something like that!

  2. Oh they loved it! The biggest hits were the live animals! One poor little baby alligator had enough after about twenty kids crowded around to pet him. He started gyrating wildly and had to go back in the water for a while to calm down. The snakes didn't seem to mind. Neither did the tortoise. Although he kept trying to find a way out, poor thing.

    I didn't pet anything. Nope. No way.

  3. I remember once helping a snapping turtle across the road, just standing so that oncoming cars could see me, rather than risk the turtle not being seen. At one point I kind of wanted to hurry it along, bent to give it a bit of a push, and he reared on me as if to bite. They can move fast when they want to!

    1. You're braver than me! I don't like snapping turtles!


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