Thursday, October 18, 2012


I'm very excited since I just got the final cover for TAXED TO THE MAX coming out in late December from Five Star/Cengage. Since it's a hardback, the cover's kind of wide. I'm hoping I can get it all in here!

Here's what it's about in case you can't read the blurb:

Auto tag clerk Corrie Caters hates the tax office. The customers are irate and her co-worker Delores is grouchy. If Corrie ever gets through college, she's waving bye-bye.

When rumored arsonist and delinquent taxpayer Billy Lee Woodhallen attacks the tax commissioner, Corrie decides to call it quits. Too late. The next morning she and Delores find their boss murdered.  Billy Lee must have done it to keep his property from being sold.

County officials want to appoint Corrie tax commissioner, but she's not that stupid. Then the man who jilted her at the altar in front of two hundred people—most of them local—shows up.  A Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent, Bodie Fairhust thinks Billy Lee will strike again and tells her to refuse the job.

Like any self-respecting north Georgia woman, Corrie won't listen to a sneaky snake-in-the-grass. She takes the job to spite Bodie. But the snake was right. Billy Lee comes up with an alibi and is free to go after the new tax commissioner. Her.

Now obtuse deputies guard her 24/7, a state auditor breathes down her neck, and a pothead IT guy is doing heaven knows what to the tax digest she's responsible for. Not to mention Delores snubbing her and the weird tax office customers trying to do all kinds of illegal things. If Billy Lee doesn't do her in, the stress will.

A light mystery, TAXED TO THE MAX shows what really happens in property tax and tag offices.


  1. It looks good, and I like the blurb!

  2. Your book cover looks awesome. Good luck with it. December is right around the corner.

    1. Thanks, SS! The best part is that Kirkus Reviews gave it a really nice review and they're altering it to include a quote!


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