Sunday, October 14, 2012


The local art association sponsored an arts/crafts fair in Postell Park today. We got there right before the vendors opened. The old oaks and the neat tents made for pretty pictures.

This is when we were approaching, looking at it from between the trees.

This was the first section in front of the casino.

This is the back view of booths facing the sidewalk.

And this is the last section backing up to the local bar and tea shop.

Gorgeous day to be out! A shame I didn't have enough money to buy anything.


  1. Very lovely shots. We have that sort of thing going on in city parks here and there during a summer; one park close by is quite full when the artists and craftspeople set up that weekend.

    1. Seems like there's always something like this going on here. If not arts and crafts, then antique shows or other festivals. Fun place to live!


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