Saturday, July 21, 2012


After a three year battle with cancer, my critique partner died this morning.

She tried radiation and chemo to begin with but ended it when the results weren't good. Then she began working out. "If I have to go," she cracked, "I'm gonna go looking good." She wanted to die on her own terms and she did. I hope I can face death with her courage.

Here's to you, Nan. I know you're making the angels laugh right now with one of your funny quips.

The photos are recycled from an outing we took June 2010, after she'd decided to let things take their course. She was thin but still exhibiting her old verve.

The first was taken at the Turtle Center on Jekyll Island, where wounded, ill, or cold-stunned turtles from the east coast are brought and treated. She couldn't help but hug this stuffed one.

This is also at the Turtle Center, where Nan is exclaiming over the prehistoric turtle skeleton replica. You can catch a glimpse of her impish humor here. "Don't want that falling on me and hurrying things along!"

And this last one is at the dining room of the Jekyll Island Hotel. Nan loved her food, all kinds. Didn't matter. Even near the end, on our last lunch excursion together, she chose a new sushi place and sampled nearly everything on the menu -- the chef actually came out and went over her order with her. I think she knew it would be the last time and was determined to taste as much as she could.

A lot of us are gonna miss you, Nan.


  1. So sorry about your friend's passing. I know you already miss her. Having somebody gone who's always been there makes a hole in our lives. I'm thinking of you.

  2. Thanks, Melody. I think her sense of humor is what I'll miss the most. She could make light of anything and did, even when it came to cancer.

  3. I'm very sorry for your loss, Cheryl. She sounds like she was one of a kind.


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