Sunday, November 13, 2011


A nice story by Joanna Kearsley/Emma Cole, with more suspense than romance, that interwinds events of World War II with today.
Journalist Kate is covering a trial in England when an old man approaches her. He's trying to get justice for someone murdered long ago, he says, and he has a report about it he wants to give her. Busy, she puts him off. He leaves, but mentions she has her grandmother's eyes. Surprised, she watches him go, sees a car run over and kill him.

That's the beginning of this engrossing mystery. More murders follow, one close to Canadian Kate's home, others of people who knew the old man. When she realizes someone thinks the old man gave her his report and she knows what happened, she runs. She has to uncover his story to find out who's after her.

Kate's portion, in first person, chronicles her attempts to uncover the murder and murderer.
Facts of the old man's life unfold in third person narrative from him and people who knew him, including Kate's grandmother.

A bit kitschy at times, but if you like a good story with a sprinkle of romance and a quick lesson in Canada's part in training spies for WWII, this one's for you.

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