Monday, November 21, 2011


So I went to an American Girl store with an almost-nine-year-old and her mother.

Couldn't believe the people. Mothers, daughters, grandmothers, granddaughters -- some of them about two feet high! -- all rubbing elbows and trying to get to the doll/accessory of their choice. We got a couple of outfits, some earrings, a brush and maybe some other stuff (all for the doll) that I'm still too dazed to recall.

We intended to go to the Bistro but couldn't get an appointment -- yes, a reservation is evidently needed! -- at the time we were going to be there. But we did get into the Salon (for the doll), thanks to a sympathetic front person managing to fit us in two hours back from the next opening -- yes, seems you need an appointment there, too! -- so we wouldn't miss out after driving all that way. Kind of weird to see this row of hairdressers busy working on little doll hairdos.

Our nine-year-old had her doll's ears pierced and also got her hair styled (the doll's hair) in this month's hairdo: a little braid on each side pulled back and the rest flowing. It looked cute, but not as cute as the birthday girl when her mother fixed her hair like her doll's.

No, I didn't buy anything. Luckily, they let me stand in line while they prowled the store. One line for the salon, another line at the cash registers, and by that time, the doll was ready to be picked up and we could go.

Fascinating! If you get a chance to go in one, go. Looking at the females shopping is worth it.

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