Friday, November 11, 2011


So it got down below freezing last night. Brrr. We'd hoped to be back at the beach by now. Instead, we're still in north Georgia.

So we go to bed -- my guy, the girl cat, the boy cat and me -- and pull up the blanket. He wants the comforter pulled up on him, too. I don't and push it aside.

He says, "You better not kick the covers off tonight," as I sometimes do during the night.

I say, "We might have to buy an electric blanket with twin controls."

He says, "Then the cats would pee on us and we'd be electrocuted."

I get to laughing so hard the cats stalk up and down angrily till I can stop and they can settle back in their usual places.

I didn't kick off the covers though. Too cold.

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