Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Cold Weather

Brrrr. We are wondering if we moved far enough south.

We went out to eat earlier in the week, on one of the really cold nights. At the Frederica House, they kindly put us next to the baseboard heaters by the windows and we ate our great dinner in cozy comfort.

But as we were rushing inside, this guy in short sleeves comes out. I don't usually talk to strangers, but I was so startled at his coatless state, I couldn't help it. "You're going to freeze!"

He didn't answer, just kind of sneered like, Lady, this ain't cold. and went on to his car

I figured he was a Yankee. My guy said no, he looked like a salesman to him.


  1. Lady Cheryl

    Well, I would never sneer at ayone, least of all a lady, but I walk round in short sleeves in -20C and -35C wind chills. It's the time of year I'm most comfortable. and yes, I sweat a lot in Summer. And Fall. And Spring. And... well, and most days :-P.


  2. Brrr. You must be part Eskimo. Or Viking.

  3. Well, alas, there was a fire (minor, thank goodness) at Freddy House (as our family calls it) so guess it's warmer now. Good news, they're back to serving. Okay, I enjoy this weather. Know why? I live in coastal area and cold means we are beyond hurricane season. So, if it's a choice b/t sweaters and mittens and plywood, give me the cold, baby.


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