Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I was reading this book by Elin Hilderbrand at the same time I was reading CASTING OFF. I really liked both of them so got them read in a few days.

THE CASTAWAYS is about a group of friends. Four couples who have known each other for about twenty??? years. Not too long into the story, one of the couples goes on a sailing outing to celebrate their anniversary. The sailboat capsizes and they die.

The book explores the links between the couples and what happens after the deaths. There's also a hint of mystery.

Before the sailboat outing, the couple had been at odds. A student had accused the husband of sexual harassment. The wife was having an affair.

There is speculation. The autopsy showed a strong narcotic in the wife. The two quarreled on the boat, leading to their deaths. The husband meant to kill his wife but was such a bad sailor he killed himself, too. All kinds of intriguing facts come out.

The ending left me feeling sad but satisfied. A very good read. Thank you, Laura, for commenting that you liked her writing!

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  1. Sounds like a terrific read. Thanks for sharing. Wish I had time to read it. Maybe first of the year.


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