Tuesday, September 14, 2010


So I'm away from home and catching up on some reading. I just finished a book written in first person and noticed, for not the first time, 'I' instead of 'me' used in the narrative.  Such as...between you and I... and also ...with you and I...

Is this deliberate because it's from the heroine's point of view and she doesn't know that 'me' is the object of prepositions while 'I' is for subjects? Or am I wrong about the correct use of 'I' and 'me'?

This bothers me -- like I'm so great at English grammar myself!


  1. Lady Cheryl

    Ah, me. Me and I. I even had Segorian deliberately foul it/ ponder it because it's such a common one.

    I try to explain it to people without going to object and subject and grammer. I just tell them to split the sentence:

    Pat and I went to the cinema:
    Pat went to the cinema and I went to the cinema.
    sounds fine :-).

    Pat and me went to the cinema.
    Pat went to the cinema and me went to the cinema.
    Sounds less fine :-).

    The will said the car was left to Pat and I.
    The will said the car was left to Pat and the will said the car was left to I.

    The will said the car was left to Pat and me.
    The will said the car was left to Pat and the will said the car was left to me.
    Sounds good.

    On the other hand, dialogue is dialogue, and people do often mess it up. so if it were spoken, it might just be character voice. If it were a first person work, then the narrative itself is, to a degree, spoken, so it could still be that character's voice.

    And either way, it could be irritating. What if the narrative had said ' anyways'? Oh... you saw one that did recently :-P. Was _that_ irritating as well?

    The Idiot... :-P.

  2. Interesting. So many things are a matter of timing :-).

    I was watching the first episode of a new TV series ( Lost Girl). Doesn't look too bad. Anyway. No major novelty. The Fae live among humans. Light Fae and Dark Fae. Everybody has to choose one or the other. The main is a succubus who doesn;t seem to be known or allied to either Light or Dark. So she's snatched, and both sides pitch to her. To choose.

    So the leader of the Dark Fae comes in to her cell. The Morrigan. She's pearls, heels, a dress that's far more one of a kind than street corner. She isn't street. Her speech is all high end society. Looks our girl the succubus in the eye, to tell her she has to make a choice.

    " Between you and I, you have to make a decision..."

    The Idiot... :-).

  3. Graeme, it's everywhere! I think it may soon become standard (American) English!

    I am appalled! Appalled, I say!

  4. Hmmm... so should you and me be appalled or you and I? ( Big Evil Grin)

  5. Trick question! Trick question!

    Is it?


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