Tuesday, September 28, 2010


What is it about places you frequent closing? It's like finding a bra that fits then going back to get another one and -- Sorry! We no longer stock that one!  Or worse: Sorry! They quit making that one!

Now one of our pet places, Dressner's, has closed.

Went by for tea and coffee yesterday morning and the closed sign was up. We thought maybe they were changing to winter hours but no, they are officially closed as of Monday. Sunday was the last day..

No one knew. No one got to throw them a farewell party. No one got to eat one last giant blueberry pancake or sausage gravy biscuit.

We are sad. It's been around longer than we've lived here or even been coming down. I loved the rough wooden plank floors and the reasonable prices. Now it's gone.

We'll miss you, Dressner's!

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