Saturday, May 27, 2017


Once again we went to an exhibition of young aerialists from the Canopy studio here. As I sat watching, I thought how much like a gym it is. Though mostly for women/girls, more boys seem to be getting interested in the acrobatics part.

Anyway, it was fun to see the students perform.

The first act was a troop of older boys who did calisthenics and trapeze exercises to music. They were quite good, but I failed to get a picture of them. Too bad, because there was a floor-pounding sequence that was quite exciting. Afterward, the older girls demonstrated their abilities. This particular act featured six girls on what looked like a metal gate-like structure. They hung and swayed and climbed in perfect harmony while we watched from below:

This act garnered the most applause though it was not nearly as high off the floor. I believe the acrobat is from Canopy's Outreach program, and she did an amazing job. The other students seemed so proud of her, clapping and hugging her afterward. Notice she has her teacher on the side coaching and encouraging.

There were other acts, but the less experienced acrobats had to wait till the next day to have their moment in the spotlight. These younger students (I'd guess anywhere from four to twelve) were just as entertaining as their older colleagues.

Hard not to marvel as the strength and grace of all these students!

PS - If anyone wants to help Canopy's Outreach program that enables kids (who normally couldn't) to participate, donations are always welcome.

Canopy Studio
160-6 Tracy Street
Athens   GA   30601


  1. What a lovely post today.
    I think I would enjoy watching this.
    cheers, parsnip

  2. I certainly enjoyed it! The young people were all so good and took such pride in their expertise. When I was young, girls took piano or dancing. Nothing like this!

  3. I've seen some of this done by buskers.


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