Saturday, April 1, 2017


(We are still moving so I am reverting to a blog written some time back.)

I have a hard time buying purses. Years ago, a relative told me to look in the luggage department. I did and found the most wonderful bag from Swiss Army. You know. The knife people. Only they also make little bags for travelers.

Like this one. See? Two zippered pockets on the front. Two slide in pockets on the back for cell and business cards or loose dollars. And inside, all kinds of places for paperwork, credit cards, pens, driving license... I loved it. So much that I've had three in the past fifteen years.


After I went to Washington and stuffed it with crackers and energy bars and even a bottle of water, this one was on its last legs. The strap was beginning to fray and some of the stitches were coming loose. So I looked for a replacement. And guess what? Evidently, Swiss Army no longer makes this kind of bag. I searched the stores where I'd found the others I'd bought, but no bag. I Googled them. No bag. Not even on the Swiss Army site. Just like a bra! You find one you like and they stop making it!

So after a few weeks of searching, I ended up buying this one:

Nice plain bag. Soft leather. Looks good, doesn't it? And sure, it's got a couple of zippers on the front, and some compartments on the inside. It would actually work just fine if it were about two inches taller. As it is, stuff kept falling out.

So after nearly losing my sunglasses one time and my billfold another, I started searching for a purse again. I found this one. I don't particularly like it, but it holds my stuff. Unfortunately, it has three compartments besides the one on the front that holds my phone. All are deep and roomy and unorganized. I can never find anything.

I'm beginning to hate it. Guess I'll have to start looking again.


  1. I have the same thing about backpacks.

  2. Wallets are hard for me.
    If you still had the first bag I would tear it apart, buy the material and have a tailor make it for you.
    Maybe expensive but you would have the bag you want.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. My wallet is about twelve years old. I find one I like and keep it till it gets unusable. And this particular bag would be expensive to copy. It has lots of little compartments which is why I loved it!


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