Saturday, April 29, 2017


On our way to check on our lot at Lake Hartwell, we went through Madison County and its county seat of Danielsville. It was a pretty little town, with the road parting as we got to the courthouse so as to go one-way around it.

This is my picture of the front. Hard to see it because of the trees.

And this is its photo from the side, courtesy of my guy:

The Romanesque Revival structure was built in 1901 and is on the Historic Places National Register.

The county is named for James Madison, our fourth president, while the town is named for Allen Daniel, who served in the state militia during the Revolution and donated the land for the town. You'd think one of those men would be honored with a statue, wouldn't you? But no. The statue is of Crawford Long, the doctor who first used ether as anesthesia and who was born here. Okay, I guess he might deserve a statue, too.

One thing I noticed: There was much more traffic than I expected for such a tiny place, and I counted three law offices around the courthouse. Must be a very litigious town!


  1. Well, the doctor deserves a statue. A pleasant looking area!

  2. And the courthouse architecture is amazing!

  3. Beautiful place.
    I hope you are getting settled in and feeling happy.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. It looks like a beautiful place to live....


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