Saturday, March 11, 2017


So the local Rotary Club had its annual chili cook-off last weekend. This is kind of like our annual Brunswick Stewbilee except we eat chili instead of Brunswick Stew.

This is the entrance. The group of young men on the right gave out sampling packets to those who had tickets and made anyone without tickets go back and buy one.

Then we head for the street lined with booths where, with our paid stickers slapped on our chests and armed with napkins and spoons, we begin our sampling.

Working our way through people clustered around each booth, we grab more samples and continue eating.

Finally, filled to bursting with chili (and a few corn muffins and oysterette crackers), we leave to gaze back beyond the lonely cedar barely saved when the park was renovated.

The chili samples were off this year. If the chili wasn't way too spicy-hot, it was way too bland. We ate and ate and never did find the perfect mix. In fact, we were a little sick because we ate so much.

But the corn muffins were good.


  1. It's the beans I find so objectionable about chili!

  2. I too like my chili without beans or if you must have then I use 1 small can. No pinto beans.
    Nice day though

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

    1. My homemade chili is made with kidney beans. But I'm careful not to use the hot, hot chili peppers!

  3. This is the second blog post about chili I've seen today. It's making me want some!

    1. Cold weather calls for chili, doesn't it?


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