Saturday, December 10, 2016


Our local paper listed a few interesting crimes the past week besides the usual DUIs and rowdy behavior.

Police stopped a car suspected of containing drugs. Sounds like they weren't sure, but a K9 police dog took the initiative, searched the car, and did indeed find drugs. Give that dog a promotion! Maybe even put him in charge!

Police also saw a truck parked illegally outside a business. Inside, two men were up to something. Like ingesting drugs. So they got arrested, and police called the owner of the business.  I bet they told him to keep his doors locked!

A man lurking outside a residence prompted a call to police that he was wanted on an outstanding arrest warrant. When police arrived, that man was gone. But seems Alabama wanted another man at the residence so police took him in along with another guy trying to stop them (obstruction of officers). Guess the residents never heard the old saying about people in glass houses throwing stones!

Then we have a guy who'd been shot, showing up at the emergency room. Police questioned him but the article didn't say whether they found out how or why he got shot. Hmm. May have been embarrassed to confess the truth, that he was practicing quick draws and the gun went off. Or it fell out of his pocket and went off. Or he was putting it into his pocket and it went off. Or his dog stepped on the trigger and it went off. Or... I hate news that leaves you hanging!

Another item told about a couple in a car at the back of a park "making whoopee" -- wonder what that means! -- and police discovered the woman driver's license had been suspended. They gave the couple a warning citation and sent them home in a taxi. Maybe they should have sprung for a motel room.

And an item that wasn't in the local crime blotter because it happened just outside Atlanta: Attorneys for a psychiatrist accused of causing several patients to die from overdoses, petitioned the courts to relax his bond restrictions. Seems the psychiatrist wants to work while awaiting trial. ??? I don't think I'd want to go lie on his couch!


  1. One imagines the guy with the gunshot wound shot himself in the butt while tucking his gun into the back of his jeans instead of springing for a holster. He's already being punished enough by humiliation and pain without having it go public!

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