Saturday, November 5, 2016


We've been traveling forever, it seems. We went to north Georgia and Atlanta four times in the past six weeks.

Right before Hurricane Matthew came by, we rushed home from the state capital (where my guy took his photo to be hung), gathered up important papers, washed clothes and packed them up, and went back up to Atlanta to escape the storm (and for an eye doctor appointment). Before those two trips, we had gone up south of Atlanta to housesit/catsit for relatives. And our last trip was up to the foothills north of Atlanta for a family dinner/reunion.

Coming home from the dinner, we stopped at the Taliaferro (pronounced Tolliver) County courthouse so that I could get a copy of my grandfather's death certificate. It is a beautiful old building, with hardwood floors and a minimum of staff. Going inside is like stepping back fifty years into small town Georgia. The people are helpful and so pleasant!

And I can't forget Putnam County, home to authors Alice Walker and Joel Chandler Harris. The courthouse in Eatonton is lovely.

And the people there are just as nice as the ones in Taliaferro County. One of them suggested a cafe across the street for lunch and what did we find on the wall inside?

Yep, a Jack Daniels guitar. And on the corner of the courthouse lawn, we found this statue, a tribute to Br'er Rabbit and the Briarpatch.

What fun we had taking more pictures to add to my courthouse collection!


  1. What beautiful buildings.
    We went on a trip to the Civil War Battlefields, and all the sights of the cities and towns plus Washington. We just loved the complete difference of architecture. So beautiful.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. The courthouses really are beautiful!


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