Saturday, November 19, 2016


The Goodyear Cottage on Jekyll Island, one of the historic summer cottages belonging to millionnaires around the end of the nineteenth century, is used as an art gallery. My guy's photograph was chosen for inclusion in a painting, photograph, and weaving exhibit running this month through the first part of December. It's a lovely old house:

Here is my guy's photograph of sunset on the Jekyll River:

And here is a lady taking a picture with one of the weavers by her fabric:

And here is a-- Hmmm. A yarn tree, maybe? Whatever it was, it was colorful!

Finally, we have the volunteers who are helping with the exhibit opening. Look at all those bottles of wine! Oh. Wait. Looks like she's pointing out something. Maybe trying to divert my attention towards the food tables? Oh, come on!  I really don't drink that much!

If you're down at Jekyll this month or early next month, be sure and visit the Goodyear Cottage . Lots of lovely things there!


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    1. Thank you! It looks better in person!

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    1. The whole island is beautiful. They're offering tours of all the millionnaires' cottages and I plan to take one!


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