Saturday, June 18, 2016


For a few years, we've watched the birds at our back yard feeder. We saw a cardinal couple raise a baby last year and once again this year, they have a baby tagging along with them to the feeder.

I've read that the male feeds the female when they're courting, but I've seen them both feeding the baby, coaxing it up to the feeder.

Here's the daddy at the feeder:

Here are the mother and child:

And this is the squirrel who lurks in the background. He desperately wants to eat, but when he gets on it, his weight pulls the sides down and covers the openings. I see him every day, staring at the feeder as if he's trying to figure out how to get to the seeds. Then he'll shake his tail in frustration and leave!

This squirrel-proof feeder has been a good investment!


  1. He has to make do with whatever drops down to the ground!

  2. So funny, poor squirrel hahaha.
    We have the red red Cardinals but the ladies have the most beautiful blue tint and a touch of red.
    Watching birds and critters is great fun.

    cheers, parsnip and the hamish

    1. The squirrel is almost as entertaining as the birds!

  3. We have a family of cardinals here, too.

    And squirrels. We just bought a 4-pound sack of bid seed and 10 pounds of peanuts.

    1. We only put out bird feed. We've had trouble with squirrels getting into our attic and don't want to encourage them!


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