Saturday, May 28, 2016


The island is preparing for its Memorial Day weekend. We always have a nice ceremony to honor the memory of those who lost their lives serving our country. Here are a few shots:

This is right after they fixed the flag. I'm not sure what was wrong with it, whether it was hung up on its lines or what, but they worked an hour or so to get it right.

This is the trolley that takes tourists over the island, snapped before its departure scheduled at eleven o'clock. It left a few minutes early today, so it must have filled up fast. The people have already started pouring in.

This is a view of the pier. You can't see her, but an artist is set up behind the two people going onto the pier, with all her paintings laid out for view and purchase.

These are a couple of other people on the pier. The man is playing his harmonica and serenading the lady who's watching her crab baskets.

And we ourselves had guests this week that we really enjoyed. This little girl was one of them!

Hope everyone has a lovely Memorial Day as we remember all those who died for our country!


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