Saturday, December 26, 2015


Christmas has come and gone. It's time to think about taking down the tree and putting away the little doodads and packing up the Christmas cards so I'll have them next year to know who to send cards to.

Gooebye, angels with too-tall candles!

Goodbye, little bird-that-brings-good-luck on the tree!

Goodbye, old beloved Opus with festive Christmas antlers!

Goodbye, Christmas, goodbye!

The football bowl games have already started, but I can look forward to their ending soon.

A new year is nearly upon us, so hopes for the future loom large and gratitude for seeing it arrive is downright overwhelming.

Then we're back to the ordinary life of roof leaks and plumbing problems and stringent diets!


  1. Oh, you can keep the decorations up a bit longer!

    1. I start and little by little they disappear!

  2. We take ours down the day after New Year's.

    I love your little stuffed moose. We have one...but I forgot to put him out this year!

    1. I take mine down a little bit at a time, leaving the tree till last.

      And that 'moose' is no moose! It's Opus if you can remember the Bloom County comic strip! The antlers come off so most of the year he sits around being a plain penguin with a big nose!


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