Thursday, January 15, 2015


There haven't been too many crime reports in our newspaper the past few weeks. Maybe there hasn't been as much crime. Or maybe too many big headline stories have overshadowed the local stuff.

But we have had a few in the last couple of days, some of them dealing with food.

Seems a woman went into a store with her own cup, filled it from the soft drink dispenser, then lifted a pack of peanuts. While she ate and drank in the store, the clerk saw her and had her arrested. Don't know why she didn't sneak them out before consuming them. She might have got away with it.

Although in another store, a woman--I hope it wasn't the same one!--picked up a candy bar and hid it before trying to leave. She didn't get away with it. One candy bar's worth getting arrested? Even if it was a large KitKat, I don't see it.

In a different vein, a woman came out to her car parked downtown to find the rear window broken. She thought a bullet had damaged it. The item didn't say whether or not it was, but the possibility sure makes me not want to go downtown!

And finally, a man came into the hospital with a gunshot wound in his hand. He was hazy as to the location of his 'accident' and said the 9 mm gun fired after he'd taken out the magazine and was trying to extract the chambered bullet. Naturally, he had no idea where the gun was. He got reported to the Violent Crimes Unit anyway. Wonder if that had anything to do with the shattered car window?

And while it wasn't in the crime section, a rabid fox terrorized a neighborhood yesterday. It bit two people and a dog and rampaged for a couple hours before the husband of one of the victims shot it. Now people are asking why police or the DNR didn't respond to their 911 call. I'd like to know that, too. Good thing the husband knew how to shoot.


  1. You know you live in a small town when these are making the paper!

  2. If that is your crime blotter. I must move there.
    I live in a border town and you do not want to read ours. In fact they don't print it. it would take over the paper.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. No wonder these idiots have to resort to crime. They're too stupid to get real jobs!


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