Saturday, July 12, 2014


We've had visitors for several days, including the Fourth of July, and hope to have more in the next week or two. Since we've been busy with them, we've just now got around to getting more food for Mr. Piggy.

Yep, Mr. Piggy. The squirrel who tried to take over the bird feeder.

Our new feeder seems to be keeping him out though. The cardinals and some others are back to eating at it, but I don't think they like the landing posts as much as the tray on the old one. I had to take these pix through glass so they aren't too sharp, but here's the female cardinal at the new one.

Mr. Piggy tried eating from it, but it slides down and covers the feed holes when he puts any weight on it. He was quite frustrated.

So we're leaving the old one up for him. He can eat and strew seeds to his heart's content.


  1. I'm sure Mr. Piggy appreciates it!

  2. It'll keep him from trying to figure out a way onto the other one.

    1. Yeah, that's what my guy thought! But now we have a different squirrel trying to get to the new feeder!


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