Sunday, June 29, 2014


My vintage mystery, LOSING DAVID, is on a Kindle special deal. Today it's $1.99 and tomorrow it'll be a dollar more, and so on till it gets back to its regular price.

Here's the link:

It's about an attorney hiring an actor to impersonate a missing boy so that his murderer can be caught. This is the blurb:

When his father died in 1946, sixteen-year-old David Harmony should have inherited a fortune. Instead, he vanished at sea.

In 1962, an elderly attorney hires an actor to pretend to be David. He says the man in line to receive the Harmony estate killed David.

The actor suspects the attorney is scheming to claim the estate himself, but agrees to act as bait.

Then he falls for a woman who realizes he’s an imposter, and who may reveal his identity to the one person she shouldn’t.

David's murderer.

In an era of clacking typewriters and rotary phones, gentlemen tip hats and ladies wear gloves. But evil still hides beneath the most refined exteriors.


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