Monday, June 23, 2014


I was looking at some books Amazon suggested I buy since I'd bought another one similar. I'm sure we all get these reminders from time to time, and I'm always willing to check them out. I did buy one for $1.99. I looked at a couple more, but they were $8.59 and $9.99 so I passed. After all, I could buy nine $1.99 books, with the money saved by not buying the higher priced ones. And I will.

Author David Gaughran had an interesting blog on this subject the other day in his post: Who's Afraid of Very Cheap Books? 

He gives the reasons that he isn't at all afraid of them, and I agree. Totally.

Before ereaders, we had used book stores where I bet most of us spent a lot of our book budgets. At least, I did. Those and libraries, along with occasional purchases at the grocery store or an actual bookstore, helped me get most of the books I wanted. If I'd had to rely on bookstores, I would have read maybe twelve books a year versus that many a month. I simply couldn't afford the high costs.

Today, I subscribe to several bargain/free ebooks sites where I get listings each day that I can scan. If a book catches my eye, I read a sample. If it's interesting (and appears to be edited!), I buy it. Prices range from free to at most $5.99. And the higher priced books tend to be by authors I know.

Strangely enough, I've found the self-pubbed/small press pubbed books have about the same ratio of good/bad reads as the "big" publishers put out. And the lower prices mean I can buy more of those authors' books.

So...I'm in favor of cheap books. Probably most readers are, too. I wonder about other authors.


  1. The used bookstore... it might be living on borrowed time, but you still see some around.

    1. Yes, but not as many. Our library group still has donated book sales, but I'm wondering how long that's going to be profitable.

  2. I'm definitely a fan of cheap books. As a rule, I refuse to pay more than $2.99 for an ebook, which means I almost always pass on those from traditional publishers. There's no valid reason for an ebook to cost more than $2.99.

    1. My e pub usually prices them at 5.99. They pay for editing and cover art out of sales. But, unlike traditional publishers, I will get my rights back after a couple of years.


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