Friday, November 16, 2012


Took our walk this morning even though the temp was in the fifties!!! Brrr! We were a little late because we waited for it to warm up, so the tour van was parked by the pier waiting for a load of tourists.

Notice the two flags, American and English on it. That's because Oglethorpe, who founded Georgia before the Revolutionary War, used us as an outpost to keep the Spanish away from Savannah. We did the job nicely, fending them off with the Battle of Bloody Marsh in 1742.

The name is rather misleading since only seven Spaniards died during this battle along with one English defender from heatstroke. I always figured it for a massacre!

If you look closely under the blue pavilion left of the middle, you can see a ship anchored in the sound. I have no idea what this ship is doing but it's been here for over a week. Sometimes ships anchor there when their cargo hasn't reached the port; they don't have to pay port/mooring fees except for when they actually receive their loads. Maybe that's what it's doing. Anyway, here's a little better picture of it as it skulks around.


  1. Things have a way of getting exaggerated in our a child hearing about the Boston Massacre, I thought it was dozens of people. Later on, finding out it was just a handful, that doesn't qualify!

    Lovely area!

    1. Yep. With Bloody Marsh, I pictured the waters running red with blood. Not true but hey, anything to get people interested in history, right?

      And we really love this area.


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