Wednesday, November 14, 2012


This year hasn't been a good one. I lost my brother early this year. A few months later a critique partner died about the same time as one of my guy's aunts. Then a former coworker passed away.

Now I find one of my oldest friends is gone. She had leukemia that developed a year or so ago, but she went into remission. The last time we spoke, she was planning a trip to Mexico. She sounded great and was in excellent spirits. Now I find that she had to go to the emergency room while there. She came home, but yesterday the leukmia claimed her. I didn't even know she was out of remission so her death was a shock.

Deaths of people close to us make us realize how vulnerable we are, but everyone dies. That's the way of life. It's living without those you love that leaves a big void in the heart. Right now, I have several.


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry, Cheryl.

    It's part of life, but it's never something we want to deal with. My nephew passed away this summer, a double wound for my sister in law, after my brother died some years back.

    1. A double wound for you, too. I know time helps but sometimes it goes so darned slow!


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